The Wedge

I ate this at Hogan's Goat

Wed, Apr 17, 2019

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Not quite GOAT, but still quite good.

The Wedge

I may have been a bit harsh on this slice in my Pizza Week intro post, but it came from a place of love. I love pizza and I love wedge salads, so what could be better than the two put together?

Presumably whoever imagined this pizza felt similarly, because it was pretty damn good. Only minor complaints were a slightly charred crust (only in places) and some difficulty eating shredded lettuce without pulling huge wads of it off before their time. The flavors, though, were on point. Nothing suprising—it’s exactly what it says on the tin—but this is a good example of a good idea with good execution. If you’ve enjoyed wedge salads and cheese pizzas in your time, you’ll like this slice.

Also, while you’re there, try the “mixed greens” salad. It had some kind of whipped mixture as a sort of “bed” for the salad that was absolutely delicious. No idea what it was. Good though.

The Wedge Close-up on the Wedge Close-up on the Wedge

What exactly did I eat?

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