The Brookie and the Bobbie

I ate this at Pizza Jerk

Tue, Apr 16, 2019

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Pizza Jerk had a surprise twofer.

The Brookie and the Bobbie

I went to Pizza Jerk (which I have never been to before) looking for the Brookie but with a little skepticism re: the jalepenos (which are a pepper I’m not fond of). When I got there, it turned out that they were serving two Pizza Week slices! Here’s what’s on them:

The Brookie

The Bobbie (new!)

You may notice the Bobbie includes kale! If you read my Pizza Week intro post, or you know me, then you may know I am not a fan of kale. Here it was…okay. I didn’t mind it. I can’t say I enjoyed it, but it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the pizza (for the most part; it could have done with a smidge less). The sausage and goat cheese were delightful, and if the pared the kale down a bit (and maybe burnt it a bit less) I would be more than happy to keep eating this thing. I dug the boat sauce, but you should expect a bit more spice than from, say, Tabasco. It also tended to collect, making some parts of the pizza much spicier than others.

As I expected, I wasn’t very into the jalapeños on the Brookie, but they were pretty sparse and I didn’t find them unpleasant. I think with a better pepper, cut into slightly smaller bits and spread out a bit more, the pepper aspect would have been fine because the rest of this slice? Beyond fine. The spicy honey, bacon, and white pie combo was heavenly. My only complaint was that there wasn’t much bacon and it wasn’t spread out evenly. Even this, though, is a minor gripe. Eat this pizza.

Two notes on the above complaints re: ingredient distribution:

  1. There were only 2 or 3 guys manning a restaurant that was increasingly crowded. I 100% do not fault them for not fawning over each slice until it was perfect. I do fault their manager for maybe not scheduling another cook or two.
  2. I fully admit that I am perhaps unreasonably picky when it comes to having an appropriately even physical distribution of flavors and ingredients.
Close-up on the Brookie Close-up on the Bobbie Signs showing the incredients and price of the Brookie and the Bobbie

What exactly did I eat?

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