Buckaroo Burger

I ate this at Double Barrel Tavern

Fri, Aug 17, 2018

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Amazing patty, perfect service.

Buckaroo Burger

Burger number 9 in #portlandburgerweek is the Buckaroo Burger at Double Barrel Tavern. As usual the Double Barrel is on top of their business and getting a burger was a quick, painless process. The burger itself was a highlight of the week, and the patty itself may have been the best cooked that I’ve had so far, but overall it wasn’t a top contender. The BBQ sauce was great, but the burger felt like it needed something—maybe carrots?

Fries were INCREDIBLE though: like the platonic form of Jojos, with the perfect ratio of crisp exterior to soft interior.

A partially eaten Buckaroo Burger

What exactly did I eat?

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