Super Deluxe

I ate this at Super Deluxe (Foster-Powell)

Sun, Aug 26, 2018

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Burger week may be over, but my burger lust is without limit.

Super Deluxe

Today we finally went to Super Deluxe, Portland’s newest soon-to-be-a-chain burger joint, where I witnessed a double murder. The victim? The In-N-Out restaurant chain, but also the Burger King across the street. The Super Deluxe (both burger and restaurant are so named) is the Platonic Form of the fast food diner burger. Not a fancy thing with goat cheese and bacon jam, but similar to its drive-thru cousins only in the loosest sense.

I got my burger without tomato (tomatoes are gross) and with bacon (bacon is delicious). Everything about it was delightful: the bun is soft and beautiful, the cheese is that kind of gooey mess that seems almost like molten plastic but in a delicious way, and the meat is a thin, juicy, flavorful patty. Even the pickles and fried onions, ingredients I’d expected to try, loathe, and pick off, worked together with the rest of the burger so well I barely remembered what was supposed to hate them.

A double Super Dexlue is $5.75, and I got a combo which adds fries and a drink for $3. The burger is a little over $2 more than the In-N-Out Double-Double it has been precision crafted to destroy, but they are $2 very, very well spent. Soda sizes are not the massive buckets most fast food places hand out, but honestly that’s probably for the best.

The fries were all right.

What exactly did I eat?

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